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Engineered bamboo flooring is a new fashion for the homeowners who bring it into the houses because engineered bamboo flooring has distinctive benefits than engineered hardwood floors and laminate flooring such as exactness in bamboo processing, stability, easy in use, quick installation.

strand woven bamboo flooring offers a great combination of sophistication and practical use, high strength, durability, stability, highest denisty in bamboo flooring.

Coming to the decking part, how suitable is bamboo? Apart from helping in environment protection and saving the money, bamboo decking looks great. There’s a unique style and aesthetic appeal that’s imparted to the outdoor space, all at once.

Bamboo veneers are preferred largely fir eco-friendliness because bamboo is rapidly renewable resources and FSC certified as renovatation material, bamboo veneer has become a new divsion of veneer industry with wide applications like furniture, interior decoration.

Solid bamboo flooring is the most popular and common type of bamboo in the market, over 20 years manufacturing in China, quality control is very mature and stable, solid bamboo flooring includes horizontal, vertical, specially, horizontal carbonized is almost the first bamboo many people starting to look at bamboo flooring.

Compared with regular hardwood plywood, the green and best alternative is bamboo plywood that can be used for worktops, cabinets, wall paneling, floors and several other purposes because bamboo has its own flexibility, strength and super density than wood.

Compared to hardwood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), which is an engineered composite of wood, bamboo plywood is much denser and strong. Bamboo plywood sheets are ideally green and healthy furniture material, like kitchen countertop, worktops, cabinet.

There are endless ways of bamboo veneering and you will be muddled while learning it all. Nevertheless it’s different than most others and also a tad complicated than the regular wood veneer.

Most people in our society still have a lot of questions regarding bamboo floors. After all, it’s fairly innovative a flooring type that has only taken the attention of many in the last few years. Traditional hardwood however, remains a hot favorite, with few resorting to bamboo for sustainability and environment friendly nature.

There is a big technology improvement on regular bamboo production, makes bamboo to be suitable for outdoor as bamboo grows on the mountain originally, bamboo decking gives bamboo its original nature, to be exposed under sunshine, rain and snow, because of bamboo deckings extreme consistent density and strength.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is so popular and many distributors are selling it, the consumers should always meet a question - strand woven bamboo is available both cold press and hot press, so which one should be taken? Although, cold press has its advantages and disadvantages, hot press has its pros and cons, here we can clarify on it.

The real reason why we opt for bamboo veneers is its eco-friendliness. It produces about 35% more oxygen than deciduous trees like oak, which helps to purify the polluted air.

The 21st century building material choice is not steel and concrete, but bamboo, which has already become the obsession of many homeowners and builders these days.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is a gorgeous and unique flooring product. However, there are certain facts about this kind of flooring which you ought to know before buying.

Solid bamboo flooring is the way to go in this pollution marred world where going green seems a sensible thing to do while build a new home or renovation.

Bothbest, a frontrunner in Chinese bamboo products manufacturing industry, makes residential and commercial more environment-friendly.

Bothbest, a reputable manufacturer of bamboo products, now offers cost-effective and sustainable bamboo decking and flooring solutions.

Bothbest takes pride in using superior-quality European-standard glue. We also use the lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry. We know that the regulatory agencies in several European countries and in North America are very particular about the product quality and the health and safety aspects.

Wood parquet has the majority market share for floor covering material, Bothbest invested new computerized equipments producing extreme high quality bamboo parquet which is a really green and environmental flooring, great choice for making house elegant.

Bothbest bamboo decking and bamboo flooring products are mainly known for having the lowest amount of formaldehyde in the whole industry.