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Solid bamboo flooring is first bambo flooring product leading into the market because of its rapidly renewable raw material, natural color and pure texture. This flooring is most popular and suitable for house, office building, shopping centre.

Outdoor bamboo flooring is very resistant and durable, with technical properties equal to wood and even better. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas such as public spaces or commercial premises.

Bamboo is a natural product, grain patterns and shades vary as per the quality and type of bamboo you are buying. If you want to add something unique and different, then adding variant colour stains to the bamboo that includes black, chocolate brown and white can help you at its best.

Like other sorts of flooring available in the market, bamboo flooring has a countless range of benefits. If you are thinking that it would be hard for you to keep the floor clean then don’t worry. Bamboo flooring is easy to restore and maintain.

Bamboo is not exactly a wood but a type of grass that has more durability than wood. Consequently, making it a very renewable supply. Bamboo flooring in solid bamboo, strand woven bamboo is most popular in the market.

Bamboo flooring being a natural product can create a graceful as well as a recent appearance to your apartment or commercial space.

Bamboo flooring manufacturers sell it as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice. Often, people have small budgets to make their floors, and we would love to get something relatively cheap and sustainable.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that if you want to get one of the best flooring then you must check its warranty. This will give you a fair idea about the quality. Naturally one with more warranty will be more durable.

Bamboo is a natural surface that covers the material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, although it is made from a form of bamboo. It incorporates many of a hardwood floor positive benefits, as well as the weaknesses and drawbacks.

Bamboo, however, is a recent material in northern latitudes such as Spain. While it is true that its use is very common in Asian or South American countries, in Europe only a few decades ago it was introduced as a construction material.

bamboo flooring is undoubtedly the best idea where the numerous properties prove why flooring professionals are getting in love with the idea of bamboo flooring.

With all the flooring options available to us today, finding the right floor for you can be a challenge, so much so that it is easy to overlook options that would be perfect for us, such as bamboo floorings.

Bamboo flooring is not a new flooring style in the market as it comes out since 1995, pure green bamboo flooring comes from China and it has attractive color and grain, the same quality as regular hardwood floors, but more favorable price, its raw material is 100% FSC green bamboo plantation.

As far as the market value of bamboo flooring is concerned, they are certainly cheaper than many fine wood parquet floors and the price varies depending on the finishes used to treat the floor, easy maintenance, quick installation and antiscratch finishes.

Bamboo flooring has become popular with each passing day, as it is very much similar to classic wood flooring. Bamboo flooring looks exotic and has an inexpensive appearance which makes it one of the most attractive floorings for many people.

Bamboo flooring offers a look similar to hardwood, but there are several differences between bamboo and hardwood that could influence your final purchase decision.

Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable product that can be processed in 1 week after being cut. It has very strong natural fibers that allow the development of industrialized products such as the floor.

Bamboo flooring gives your kitchen a different texture and a natural beauty to your kitchen floorings as bamboo are the fastest growing plant and has a hard strong wood which is suitable for the kitchen flooring and makes your kitchen an eco-friendly kitchen.

Bamboo flooring on terrace is lifelong durable and since bamboo flooring are treading in market since 10 years but now people are aware towards environment and wants new stylish interior.

Flooring industry is one of the most booming industry and bamboo floors come among its latest innovations that have achieved massive attention of its admirers.