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If you want to know bamboo flooring clearly, you should know some basic knowledge about it, for example, what is bamboo flooring and what are their remarkable advantages.

If you are still hesitating which floor will be used for decoration, this article is highly recommended to you because you will know bamboo flooring’s effect on health.

Engineered bamboo flooring is suitable for the people who valuing versatility, functionality and beauty of the flooring. It presents a fine finish and can be nailed, glued, or floated to the subfloors.

Which factors should be paid attention with selecting bamboo flooring for decoration? For example, flooring manufacturer and other parameters of bamboo floor should be considered.

Once you decide to decorate your home with bamboo flooring, you have to know more details before installation. Here you will get to know the three popular designs in bamboo flooring: natural bamboo, carbonized bamboo and stained bamboo.

Bamboo flooring will lead the trends in the future. Firstly, its natural resources is too much abundant and secondly it has obvious advantages when being compared with other floors.

In order to get better bamboo growing result, tips about bamboo planting and maintenance should be known clearly.

Bamboo is a healthy plant for our earth and environment, in order to grow very well, different varieties of bamboo should be planted in different growing environments.

If you have deep insight into the bamboo properties, you will consider bamboo flooring the best option for home decoration. Here we will introduce bamboo in detail from its durability, resistance to moisture and easy installation.

When you decide to install bamboo flooring, you should have a full understanding about it. Here we will introduce the process of making bamboo flooring, the difference between finished and unfinished bamboo floorin, which will help you choose the best flooring for your home.

When you are purchasing bamboo flooring, pattern, style, colors and textures are all terms you should consider. To choose the best bamboo flooring, you need to have clear answers to the three questions mentioned in the article.

If you are interested in engineered flooring, engineered bamboo flooring might be a good option. You can select between engineered bamboo planks and click engineered floating floor based on your budget and installation preferences.

Bamboo flooring is regarded as the best flooring choice for its durability, resistance to moisture and insects. Engineered planks and solid bamboo planks are two options in most demand. If you are interested, you can get more details here.

Once you have installed bamboo flooring, you need to make some regular maintenance to keep your bamboo floor looking new and astonishing. Here we will introduce some commonly used methods of taking care of your bamboo floor.

You may have been attracted to bamboo flooring by its natural look and feeling and decided to furnishyour home with it. If you are confused in purchasing the right kind of bamboo floors, you can try strand woven bamboo flooring, recommended by most bamboo floor users.

You may have noticed that many people were interested in installing bamboo flooring. Before you decide which bamboo flooring suites your home best, you should learn the main types of bamboo floorings available in market.

If you are looking for the practical guide to buying bamboo flooring, you come to the right place. Here we will give you detailed tips for choosing bamboo flooring, from color to style. Each type will bring warmth, beauty and elegance to your home.

Bamboo flooring can have longer lifetime depends on 2 basic issues - good quality of flooring and routine maitenance of flooring.

Before installing bamboo floors, you should get to know different types of bamboo floor installation techniques. We will introduce four commonly used installation methods: direct sticking, floating floor, plank on ply and acoubond.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is suitable for high traffic areas where a stylish finish is required. It is allergen free and regarded as an upgrade to the traditional bamboo flooring.