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Bothbest’s Click Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring combines beauty and strength and are available for a quick and glue-less installation.

Bothbest supplies bamboo plywood in different sizes and in flexible dimensions made from the finest quality laminated bamboo strips.

With a greater hardness and easy processing, Bothbest’s bamboo veneer is a green solution to replace wood veneer.

Bothbest designs superior quality bamboo decking or wall cladding that is waterproof, weather resistant and durable to offer protection against mold, outdoor oil, and other environmental factors.

Bothbest maintains a stringent process to manufacture bamboo panels that are environmentally green, stable and adjustable to be used in constructing green buildings.

Bothbest, the leading bamboo company in China, announces to supply high quality and eco-friendly solid bamboo flooring that is made of 100% renewable resources, such as bamboo, groove and tongue.

The bamboo flooring manufacturing process is an intriguing one as it produces one of the best flooring solutions to people and provides them with the option that serves not only the environment but also their needs in the most convenient way possible.

In recent 20 years, a majority of bamboo products originate from China blows out on sales revenue all over the world, specially China bamboo flooring, which gains most popularity and high praise because of its beautiful color, texture, also the great quality.

The hand scraped variant of bamboo flooring is an ageless splendor. It reflects the efforts of the skilled labor by its every inch.

Sustainable, green, renewable resources - Moso Bamboo has been widely applied on panels production, bamboo strips are laminated together with healthy, non-toxic glue, heating press, accurate dimensions, high strength and stability.

Click lock bamboo flooring is most easy floors on installation and can save big amount of time and money, quick lock, snap together, no glue, no nail, fast, easy and perfect, unilin glueless click lock available on engineered bamboo flooring and strand woven bamboo flooring.

Good furniture with bamboo or rattan plywood never makes you down. It is durable, strong as well as it comes with the guarantee. You can select the shape, size, and color as per your choice while selecting bamboo furniture for your house.

It is important to beautify the home with bamboo flooring services but going beyond your spending capacity is not a wise decision. You need not avail the services of the top company to get the best results.

Bamboo flooring is the cheapest way of adding an elegant look to your home, people can have a feeling staying in the forest while walking on bamboo floors, breathing the fresh air, touching the wild at home.

If you need to have the excellence of bamboo flooring inside your particular home and need to realize that it will be introduced in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination, you ought to genuinely consider the glueless bamboo flooring alternative.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is also called compressed bamboo flooring because bamboo strips are totally pressed together under super high pressure. Bamboo flooring looks aesthetically durable when it comes to strength.

Plywood made with bamboo always comes with some layers and the scrap direction aspects in alternate directions that are what creates plywood so strong, stability, sturdiness, and beauty.

While opting for using bamboo panels for the decoration, furniture production, kitchen countertops, one must keep in mind that there are various kinds and grades, which are found in the market. The characteristic of every kind is different from one another.

There’s nothing like strand woven bamboo flooring when it comes to the stability and durability factor, strand woven types are environmentally friendly. also very resistant to moisture than most other varieties. This indicates that the floor’s longevity is greater.

Bamboo decking, a super density, extreme weather resistant, over 10 years quality warranty, given how the decking is subjected to rough activities and footfall, there’s a requirement of choosing a durable material to withstand all these and more effects of nature.