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The solid bamboo flooring can have about 4 mm of thickness so that the parquet is of good quality. The game that combines thickness, length and placement of the blades guarantees not only an impeccable aesthetic, but also an impeccable solidity for the floor.

Durable and reliable bamboo flooring is made of three-layer, glued under high pressure. Parquet is covered with five layers of wear-resistant varnish.

Today bamboo flooring in solid and strand woven is an economically viable alternative on the way to achieving the kind, beauty and durability that are inherent in wooden floors.

Bamboo is a natural product and it has been used as a material for shelter for thousands of years. If you are looking to build a deck with bamboo and looking for a guide then the following discussion can be handy for you.

Bamboo flooring is in trend now for quite a few years and it is here to stay. However the clever click lock bamboo flooring is creating quite the buzz among homeowners and architects alike.

Stained bamboo flooring offers the same aesthetic appeal as any hardwood floor. With an array of stains and diverse styles on offer, stained bamboo flooring offers a luxurious experience at half the cost of any decent hardwood.

Quality of bamboo decking has natural ability to resist dust, pest infestation, germs and scratches. Xtreme bamboo decking can last over 15 years, longer lifetime warranty than ipe decking and wpc decking.

Bamboo plywood tends to have a longer life span than traditional hardwood. Bamboo plywood is extremely versatile to work with. Bamboo plywood fits perfectly with minimal wastage and fuss.

Bamboo flooring has 2 basic profiles - Tongue and Groove, Click Lock. T+G need be glued down or nailed down on subfloor. Click lock can be joined together by easily snapping tightly, it is very fast for installation and no glue at all.

There are hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors for bamboo decking in the market, there is the major differece from one ot another - the density, the reliable and trustable manufacturer will ensure the density is absolutely over than 1250kg/m3, which means the quality warranty will be over 10 years.

Traditional bamboo flooring only has natural color and caramel color, very poor choices for the end-users who like multiple color options of hardwood floors or laminate flooring, stained bamboo flooring is definitely great product for expanding the options of bamboo floors.

Exotic, green, sustainable bamboo veneer has become a very popular product in the market, at least in comparison to many of its counterparts like wood veneer species.

Bamboo decking is the most strongest and long-lasting outdoor decking because of its super material - strand woven bamboo, also proper care and maintenance will ideally extend the life of your beautiful decking.

Click lock bamboo flooring is so popular in the market because it is very fast for installation, no need of glue, subfloor, direct applied on the cement, suitable for heating system.

Stained bamboo flooring takes the trend on flooring market, it looks like hardwood floors, but more ecofriendly, more healthy, more reasonable pricing. Stained bamboo flooring makes big choices and expansion on regular bamboo floors.

Stained bamboo flooring can give more choices to end-users and consumers who like bamboo so much but unhappy with limited color options, taking the world of interior decoration by storm and has proven to be better and greener than hardwood floors

Bamboo flooring which is absolutely ecofriendly and environmentally, manufactured in China, supreme quality will ensure customers that they get the most suitable product that will change the look of their house.

The hand scraped bamboo flooring has a unique ageless splendor for its chisel shaped look. The fashion and the craftsmanship of the skilled laborers are evident in its every look.

The bamboo flooring manufacturing method is very intriguing as it results in the production of the most suitable flooring options to individuals and offers them the option that helps not only the environment but also the varying needs of customers who do not like solid wood flooring.

When bamboo countertop is launched in the market, it has become one of the biggest businesses to many manufacturers and has become the biggest desire to many people across the globe.