Clearance List

In our factory, we are producing large quantity of bamboo flooring with various dimensions, because different customers could require and order different sizes, some of customers like 1850mm, some like 1860mm, and for each customer's order, we will produce about 5% over the real order quantity to give us the possibility to choose the best quality for our customers. Actually, 5% more is also A grade quality, we produce it just in case.

After delivery, we will leave that 5% in our factory to wait for next order from this order. But sometimes, this client doesn't make new order for this size any more, but move to another species or sizes, in this situation, we will keep 5% in our warehouse. Year by year, this quantity goes really big for our factory, we want to clear them out at a real cheap price, not because of bad quality, but want to get cash back.

Item Photo Description Price Size Quantity
BB-KC-1409horizontal caramelUSD13.00/m2980x98x12mm450 m2
BB-KC-1401Strand woven bamboo flooring, natural colorUS$13.90/m21200x89x10mm450m2
BB-KC-1402Strand woven bamboo flooring, caramel colorUS$13.90/m21200x89x10mm450 m2
BB-BKC-1403Strand woven bamboo flooring, tiger colorUS$18.80/m2920x96x14mm400 m2
BB-BKC1404Strand woven bamboo flooring, tiger colorUS$19.40/m2900x92x14mm400 m2
BB-KC-1405Vertical bamboo flooring, natural colorUS$18.80/m2960x96x15mm750 m2
BB-KC-1406Vertical bamboo flooring, caramel colorUS$17.30/m2960x96x15mm1300 m2
BB-KC-1407Horizontal bamboo flooring,caramel colorUS$14.70/m2960x96x15mm2100 m2
BB-KC-1408Horizontal bamboo flooring, natural colorUS$14.90/m2960x96x15mm1500 m2
BB-BKC1401Bamboo panel, vertical, natural, 1 layerUS$68.60/sheet2440x1220x19mm26 sheets