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Exotic, green, sustainable bamboo veneer has become a very popular product in the market, at least in comparison to many of its counterparts like wood veneer species.

Bamboo decking is the most strongest and long-lasting outdoor decking because of its super material - strand woven bamboo, also proper care and maintenance will ideally extend the life of your beautiful decking.

Click lock bamboo flooring is so popular in the market because it is very fast for installation, no need of glue, subfloor, direct applied on the cement, suitable for heating system.

Stained bamboo flooring takes the trend on flooring market, it looks like hardwood floors, but more ecofriendly, more healthy, more reasonable pricing. Stained bamboo flooring makes big choices and expansion on regular bamboo floors.

Stained bamboo flooring can give more choices to end-users and consumers who like bamboo so much but unhappy with limited color options, taking the world of interior decoration by storm and has proven to be better and greener than hardwood floors

Bamboo flooring which is absolutely ecofriendly and environmentally, manufactured in China, supreme quality will ensure customers that they get the most suitable product that will change the look of their house.

The hand scraped bamboo flooring has a unique ageless splendor for its chisel shaped look. The fashion and the craftsmanship of the skilled laborers are evident in its every look.

The bamboo flooring manufacturing method is very intriguing as it results in the production of the most suitable flooring options to individuals and offers them the option that helps not only the environment but also the varying needs of customers who do not like solid wood flooring.

When bamboo countertop is launched in the market, it has become one of the biggest businesses to many manufacturers and has become the biggest desire to many people across the globe.

Bothbest’s Click Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring combines beauty and strength and are available for a quick and glue-less installation.

Bothbest supplies bamboo plywood in different sizes and in flexible dimensions made from the finest quality laminated bamboo strips.

With a greater hardness and easy processing, Bothbest’s bamboo veneer is a green solution to replace wood veneer.

Bothbest designs superior quality bamboo decking or wall cladding that is waterproof, weather resistant and durable to offer protection against mold, outdoor oil, and other environmental factors.

Bothbest maintains a stringent process to manufacture bamboo panels that are environmentally green, stable and adjustable to be used in constructing green buildings.

Bothbest, the leading bamboo company in China, announces to supply high quality and eco-friendly solid bamboo flooring that is made of 100% renewable resources, such as bamboo, groove and tongue.

The bamboo flooring manufacturing process is an intriguing one as it produces one of the best flooring solutions to people and provides them with the option that serves not only the environment but also their needs in the most convenient way possible.

In recent 20 years, a majority of bamboo products originate from China blows out on sales revenue all over the world, specially China bamboo flooring, which gains most popularity and high praise because of its beautiful color, texture, also the great quality.

The hand scraped variant of bamboo flooring is an ageless splendor. It reflects the efforts of the skilled labor by its every inch.

Sustainable, green, renewable resources - Moso Bamboo has been widely applied on panels production, bamboo strips are laminated together with healthy, non-toxic glue, heating press, accurate dimensions, high strength and stability.

Click lock bamboo flooring is most easy floors on installation and can save big amount of time and money, quick lock, snap together, no glue, no nail, fast, easy and perfect, unilin glueless click lock available on engineered bamboo flooring and strand woven bamboo flooring.