Strand Woven : Solid : Brown

stained strand bamoo flooring
stained strand bamoo flooring
stained strand bamoo flooring

Product Information

strand woven bamboo flooring, gold brown, 96mm width, t+g.

  • Item No: BB-ZZ-0515
  • Grain: Strand Woven
  • Color: Brown
  • T+G: Standard
  • Size: 1850 x 96 x 14mm

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Strand woven bamboo flooring has 3 basic colors – natural, caramel and tiger, very less choices for the customers who want to make a choice from a number of colors, similar like hardwood floors. Because of bamboo natural characteristic, color is obvious disadvantage rather than wood and laminate floor. Fortunately, the coating company helps bamboo factory expand the color series by putting a stain sealer in coating of bamboo flooring. The color is very inside of coating, not on top coat which could make bamboo floors decade after months.

Strand Woven Bamboo is the hardest floor available today as can be seen from the official Janka Test results - Janka Hardness Rating of 3000 PSI, it has a highly distinctive grain with a look resembling that of traditional teak hardwoods. Strand woven bamboo made using a unique manufacturing process that is different from all other bamboo flooring types – by heating long strands of bamboo, and compressing them under extreme pressure, to achieve highest density and most beautiful color.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing Process:

Step 1: Dried bamboo poles are shredded into fine strips, dissecting and opening the cell structure of the plant.

Step 2: The bamboo strips are immersed in non-toxic, water based glue, which fills and encapsulates the exposed cells.

Step 3: A precisely measured quantity of bamboo strips is fused together under the high pressure of a 2500-ton cold press, producing blocks similar in size and shape to railroad ties. The cold press uses no heat and no toxic or harmful chemicals.

Step 4: The solid block is left to stabilize in a resting position for 30 days before being processed into flooring material.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Features:

1) Cold Pressed – our Bamboo flooring produced with Cold Press process, which can achieve greater uniformity in density, color and moisture content, as well as a more appealing appearance.

2) Value – much more higher density than hardwood timber but reasonably prices as bamboo is technically a grass, one of the strongest materials in the world and fast-growing renewable material.

3) Termite resistant – 100% resistant to termites as bamboo has been well treated with the boiling and drying to remove sugar and insects.

4) Healthy – No toxic fumes. With 0.01mg formaldehyde per cubic meter of air (<E1), the adhesive used to laminate the Bamboo strips that form the flooring. Off-gases 16% less than the European Standards (EN) of 0.13mg.

5) Easy Installation – Click strand bamboo flooring requires no glue to install. The licensed and patented Uniclic system is the very best glueless locking system available to install.

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