Strand Woven : Brushed : White

strand bamboo flooring
strand bamboo flooring

Product Information

strand woven bamboo flooring, brushed, white color, 1850x130x14mm.

  • Item No: BB-ZZ-0518
  • Grain: Strand Woven
  • Color: White
  • T+G: Standard
  • Size: 1850 x 130 x 14mm

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Brushed bamboo flooring features both exotic and sustainable beauty with a delicate hand scraped texture. A perfect option for non-conventional style seekers, brushed bamboo offers unique beauty and structural integrity for the home, as its hand scraped carvings are enhanced by unique grains and patterns. Our premium-grade brushed bamboo flooring possess a rare and coveted beauty that compliments any theme, and is available in multiple colors and styles.

People want that weathered, rustic look of bamboo, but in a brand new floor, distressed bamboo flooring has a ruffled or wavy effect across the planks to create a more antique look, has undergone aging techniques to give them a unique "vintage" look.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing Process:

Step 1: Dried bamboo poles are shredded into fine strips, dissecting and opening the cell structure of the plant.

Step 2: The bamboo strips are immersed in non-toxic, water based glue, which fills and encapsulates the exposed cells.

Step 3: A precisely measured quantity of bamboo strips is fused together under the high pressure of a 2500-ton cold press, producing blocks similar in size and shape to railroad ties. The cold press uses no heat and no toxic or harmful chemicals.

Step 4: The solid block is left to stabilize in a resting position for 30 days before being processed into flooring material.

Step 5: Slice the woven block into flooring planks, either horizontal cut or vertical cut, to get different widths. Send the planks to dry kiln for moisture conditioning.

Step 6: Sand the planks, craft the planks manually, put 7 layers of coating on the boards. Sort out the flooring into dark, medium and light color and mark on the cartons.

 Brushed bamboo flooring benefits:

1) Any additional scratches on this hand scraped bamboo flooring will go unnoticed, because it has been scrapped.

2) It has the ability to gel well with any type of interior design and architecture. Because of the special way in which it has been produced, the visual appeal it provides can blend in with all types of designing techniques and styles. In fact, it gives the necessary warmth to an interior space, thereby giving the entire space a more homely feel.

3 This flooring is also very strong, because of the way in which it has been produced. The staining or varnishing procedure makes it further durable. This means, it can be used in areas where there is a lot of movement, and where the after effects of the excessive movement can be concealed or go unnoticed. As such, places such as restaurants, or small stores can easily have this flooring without worrying much about its maintenance.

4) It is also a very eco-friendly type of flooring, having been derived from nature itself. It is as durable as hardwood flooring, but does not involve the cutting of any trees, as it is a grass, which makes it more eco-friendly.

5) The cost factor involved in hand scraped bamboo flooring is not very high. However, it is expensive than regular strand woven bamboo flooring because a lot of manual work are involved in. With a little higher price, you can get a very special flooring which nobody has it, except you. In this way, cost is not a big issue.

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