Bamboo Beam : Strand Woven : Caramel

bamboo beam
bamboo beam
bamboo beam
bamboo beam

Product Information

bamboo beam, strand woven, carbonized color, solid, super density

  • Item No: BB-BL-0203
  • Grain: Strand Woven
  • Color: Carbonized
  • Length: 1850mm
  • Length: 2440mm

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Bamboo beam is made from strands of bamboo that are woven together, then bonded with resin and compressed by high pressure presser. However, the natural strength and density of the strand bamboo compared to wood give bamboo beam amazing structural integrity. In bamboo industry, strand woven bamboo means best quality because it has highest density than solid bamboo, is thoroughly tested for hardness, durability, water resistance, flame resistance, and non-toxicity.

There are two pressings for strands – cold press and hot press. The major difference is the density. The cold-press has a density of 950-1000kg/m3 and hot-press has 1100-1200kg/m3. Besides, hot-press will put the strands into soaking pot for longer time than cold-press, that means more of glue in hot-press. There will have some small holes inside of strand beams in cold press, after wear layer cut, the planks will be well sanded and a full layer of putty will be put on the planks to fill up the holes to even the planks. Inside of hot-press is perfectly flat after cut. Cold-press can make 1850mm maximum length, but hot-press can make 2440mm maximum length.

Due to its durability, air efficiency, and ability to renew at an incredible rate makes this product efficient and environmentally extraordinary, bamboo beam can be used for a variety of building projects to replace hardwood for furniture making, interior decorating, molding and construction.

Bamboo Beam Features:

1) Rapidly renewable resource, green lumber material for your building project

2) Aesthetic beauty with high durability, laboratory tested, flame resistant

3) Low-emitting VOC material, Non-toxic, No added urea formaldehyde

4) Flexible milling like hardwood

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