Bamboo Mat : Walnut : 11mm Lamella

bamboo mats

Product Information

bamboo mats, walnut color, 11mm bamboo lamella width, no thread, 15m per roll.

  • Item No: BB-BM-11W
  • Color: Walnut
  • Lamella Width: 11mm
  • Thread: No

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Bamboo is a fast-growing and sturdy tree-like grass, making it a highly renewable resource. Technically considered a grass, bamboo has the ability to grow to maturity in 4-6 years. Bamboo has been available for producing of kinds of bamboo products for many years and it has received very positive reviews for its durability, sustainability and its unique design traits.

Manufacturing Process: Bamboo mats are made from well-treated bamboo strips and woven with a natural thread. All bamboo strips for mats are boiled and dried completely for removal of sugar and insects. After proper treatment, strips are woven piece by piece with thread or fleece backing. On surface of bamboo mats, beautiful photos, pictures can be printed on clearly and perfectly with laser machines. To ensure bamboo mats to last long lifetime, transparent oil will be put on.

Bamboo Mats Applications: Bamboo mat is a multifunctional covering and decoration material, for curtain, for paneling, for office chair mats, for bathroom rug, for door mat.

1) Bamboo mat is a best solution for sliding door covering because bamboo is a green and eco friendly material, bamboo mat is easy to cut, mill, replace and pre-oiled, enough good quality and affordable cost.

2) Bamboo mats make great additions to the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Bamboo is a strong and durable material that can deal with high traffic situations and heavy furniture. Bamboo is also water resistant and so bamboo mats can be used outside on a patio, veranda or balcony.

3) Bamboo mat look great and are inexpensive. Bamboo is a hypoallergenic natural material that is perfect for people who get allergic rhinitis triggered by dust mites.

4) Bamboo mats have a stylish minimalism that can make a striking feature in a living that is easily complimented by potted plants and other decorative features.

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