Engineered Strand Woven : Natural

engineered strand woven bamboo flooring
engineered strand woven bamboo flooring
engineered strand woven bamboo flooring
engineered strand woven bamboo flooring

Product Information

strand woven bamboo flooring, engineered, natural, 142mm width, t+g.

  • Item No: BB-ZF-0310
  • Grain: Strand Woven
  • Color: Natural
  • T+G: Standard
  • Size: 1850 x 142 x 14mm

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Natural Strand Woven Bamboo - This option follows the natural color of Bamboo, which is a light honey tone. Pre-finished Bamboo flooring has an 8-stage coating which makes for a durable scratch resistant surface.

With a 4mm thick-sawn strand wear layer and 2 layers of horizontal bamboo base, premium-grade engineered strand bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly and dimensionally stable. Strand wear layer is sliced from strand woven block which is created by combining strands of bamboo into a unique, organic pattern then compressed under tons of pressure. This results in an extremely dense floor and hard floor that is difficult to dent. Its Janka Hardness Rating is over 3000 (Oak is about 1300 on the same scale).

Engineered Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Features:

1) Strand-woven bamboo is extremely hard and resistant to dents, made with 100% genuine bamboo

2) Constructed with the most durable bamboo, highest stability, best radiant heat flooring

3) 25-year finish warranty / lifetime structural warranty, extremely durable and commercially rated aluminum oxide finish

4) Micro-beveled edges for traditional plank appearance

Engineered Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing Process:

Step 1: Dried bamboo poles are shredded into fine strips, dissecting and opening the cell structure of the plant.

Step 2: The bamboo strips are immersed in non-toxic, water based glue, which fills and encapsulates the exposed cells.

Step 3: A precisely measured quantity of bamboo strips is fused together under the high pressure of a 2500-ton cold press, producing blocks similar in size and shape to railroad ties. The cold press uses no heat and no toxic or harmful chemicals.

Step 4: The solid block is left to stabilize in a resting position for 30 days before being processed into flooring material.

Step 5: Slice the woven block into wear layers, either horizontal cut or vertical cut, to get different widths. Send the thin wear layers to dry kiln for moisture conditioning.

Step 6: Laminate wear layers of strand woven with horizontal bamboo layers to form flooring plank. Sand the planks, do the putty to make the planks very flat and even, put 7 layers of coating on the boards. Sort out the flooring into dark, medium and light color and mark on the cartons.

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