Bamboo Decking : Profile G : 30MM

Bamboo Decking 30MM

Product Information

bamboo decking, darker caramel, deep ribbon, grooves on both edges.

  • Item No: BB-D1405
  • Profile: G
  • Color: XTR
  • Size: 1860 x 140 x 30mm

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Bamboo Decking Profile G:

  - One side deep groove or ribbon, one side flat or smooth;

  - Grooves on both edges;

  - Color is xtreme;

Bamboo Decking 30MM

Bamboo Decking 30MM

Bamboo Decking 30MM

Bamboo Decking 30MM

Stronger, greener and harder than composite decking, a bamboo deck makes an excellent choice to replace an existing deck or install a new deck in your home. Aesthetically pleasing, ecologically-friendly, durable, easy to install and moisture resistant, bamboo decking transforms your yard and adds a new dimension to your exterior décor. Bamboo decking is made of strand woven bamboo with outdoor glue and oil.

Strand woven bamboo is produced by stripping mature Mao bamboo stalks. The reason why this particular part of the process is environmentally friendly is because 100% of the harvested stalk is used and there is zero waste. These stalks are boiled in a water and boric acid solution. This removes sugars from the stalks which is necessary because sugars attract termites. This boiling process also stops the growth of fungus and mold. Any insects in the bamboo will also be removed. Often, copper sulfate is used to kill any micro-organisms. This stuff is incredibly toxic. Then the strips are dried and woven with an extremely low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) plasticizer or glue. The woven strand is crushed in a 2000-ton heat press and now becomes a strand woven board. This strand woven board is then milled in a laser-guided mill that accurately cuts each board.

Bamboo Decking Features:

1) Environmental friendly, bamboo is one of the fastest growing grasses on the planet that can grow to approximately 80 feet in 5-7 years.

2) High density and hardness (between density 1100 and 1200 kg/m3, almost twice than the density of oak). Bamboo is a highly dense and strong material.

3) Resists all types of weather as bamboo decks are oiled with top brand and quality-guaranteed oil only.

4) 10 Years warranty against mould, rot, delamination, fugal attack and termites.

Bamboo Decking Installation:

It has 2 basic installation methods, metal clip or screw down, but both of methods need the joist or rips. Joist is to be screwed down on the ground, the distance between 2 joists is 45-60cm. Joist in strand woven bamboo or vertical bamboo is available as well. Bamboo decking planks will be fixed on the joist in 2 solutions.

Option 1, using a stainless steel clip to connect 2 planks, then screwing the clip on the joist, after connecting, the gap between 2 planks is 1cm, the planks need have grooves on both sides.

Option 2, screwing the planks on the joist directly, please be noted that the plank is 20mm thickness and thickness is 1100kg/m3, it will take a lot of power to make that work.

bamboo decking installation

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