Click Lock : Vertical : Caramel

click lock bamboo flooring
click lock bamboo flooring
click lock bamboo flooring
click lock bamboo flooring

Product Information

click lock engineered bamboo flooring, vertical, caramel, 1900x190x14mm.

  • Item No: BB-FH-0308
  • Grain: Vertical
  • Color: Caramel
  • T + G: Unilin Click
  • Size: 1900 x 190 x 14mm

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Vertical grain is side-pressed style, bamboo strips are turned on their side, then laid next to one another. They are then glued and pressed together. Vertical offers a more uniform look than horizontal, and lacks the obviously visible nodes. Vertical boards give a much more linear look and are considered less durable than the layered, horizontal construction. This gives the floor more lines within the pattern, as well as a very consistent and even coloring.

Carbonized bamboo is darker amber and heat–treated color, is created when bamboo goes through its heating and pressurizing processes. During this process, the sugar content in the fibers darken from their natural shades to achieve a darker, coffee-colored tone.

Click lock bamboo flooring has unilin clock on edges, is designed to snap together creating a floating floor without the need for nails or glue. It features convenient interlocking planks that easily fit together for quick and hassle-free installation. Click bamboo floors don‘t require the use of adhesives, and present stylish and affordable options for both DIY and professional installers.

Important Features than other bamboos: Engineered click lock bamboo flooring can be installed as a floating floor system on top of your sub-floor, thus making an outstanding and visually stunning foundation for your rooms. Engineered bamboo will make your home look beautiful and feel updated as it features a top layer of bamboo material in a style, is suitable for every homeowner who is looking for functionality without sacrificing the beauty.

Engineered Click Lock Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing:

Step 1: Bamboo trees are harvested and cut into strips, physical treatment like boiling, drying, carbonizing, cutting, sorting. Beautiful and quality bamboo strips are well-prepared.

Step 2: Glue bamboo strips with healthy, non-toxic, low VOC adhesive, laminate strips flatly into single layer of bamboo sheet in 800 tons pressure.

Step 3: Condition wood and plywood into low moisture content, prevent bending and cupping after laminating with bamboo wear layer. This conditioning takes 20-30 days to dry down the moisture of wood.

Step 4: Press bamboo with wood in 12 layers of presser with hot steam, cut big board into flooring plank, sand the board to be smooth, mill unilin click on the board.

Step 5: Lacquer the flooring with six coats of the highest quality UV cured durable urethane, anti-scratch, wear resistant. Sort out bamboo flooring with color tone and pack individually.

Bamboo Flooring Features:

1) Environmentally Friendly - Solid flooring construction, made from 100% rapidly renewable and sustainable Moso bamboo which is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Bamboo can be harvested for flooring production after just four or five years. Bamboo qualifies for 2 LEED credits.

2) Indoor Air Quality - Extremely low emission levels, lower than WHO (World Health Organization) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) standards. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and GECA (Good Environmental Choice Award) accredited. (0.05ppm, E1).

3) Coating - Ten stage Klumpp coating system with ‘Anti-Scratch’ finish utilizing the latest scratch resistant technology combined with an advanced co-polymer primer for optimum finish adhesion. (5H scratch resistant, 5B cross hatch adhesion).

4) Tough & Durable - Bamboo looks like wood, feels like wood, and cuts like wood. It even smells like wood. Horizontal bamboo and vertical bamboo have Janka rating of 7.5, oak has Janka rating of 5.5, Ipe has Janka rating of 16.2.

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